Wedding planners in Madurai

To choose a suitable wedding planner in the city of Madurai, you can on our portal from among the presented.
Ready-made wedding
5 000 ₹ — 10 000 ₹
Wedding planning
50 000 ₹ — 500 000 ₹
Outdoor registration
100 000 ₹ — 1 000 000 ₹

Often, no one wants to think about who should be entrusted with the wedding. All take in the hands of the parents of the newlyweds, and sometimes even the future husband and wife but not in hands of a wedding organiser.

However, organizing a wedding is a delicate matter and should include:

  • the formulation of invitations and calling guests;
  • preparation of the place of the celebration and its rent;
  • wedding plannter can order of the proper transport and its rental;
  • invitation to the toastmaster, photo and videographers to work during the celebration.